Microblading eyebrows have emerged as the preferred semi-permanent option for achieving fuller and more defined eyebrows. If you're contemplating this treatment, our exhaustive guide encompasses everything from the fundamentals to aftercare and costs. So, let's dive right in and delve into all aspects of microblading!


What is eyebrow microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that employs a semi-permanent tattooing technique to enhance the appearance of eyebrows, making them look fuller and more precisely contoured.

During microblading, ink is applied to the skin using a specialized handheld device fitted with ultra-fine needles, arranged in a linear fashion to resemble a tiny blade (microblade). The technician meticulously and skillfully manoeuvres the microblade across the skin, injecting pigment into the upper layers of the dermis.

This results in the creation of natural-looking, hair-like strokes that lead to more defined, fuller-looking eyebrows.

How long does eyebrow microblading last?

Typically, microbladed eyebrows endure for 12 to 24 months. Nevertheless, the durability of your brows is influenced by several factors, including your skin type (eyebrow microblading tattoo pigment dissipates more rapidly on oily skin) and lifestyle.

For instance, if you frequently expose yourself to the sun or use skin care products containing a high concentration of active ingredients (such as retinol or acids), your temporary eyebrow microblading will fade more swiftly.

Eyebrow microblading shapes

The shape of your brows can significantly alter the appearance of your face, for better or for worse! The appropriate brow shape will enhance your features and bring symmetry to your face, whereas the incorrect shape can make your face appear older or imbalanced.

Depending on your facial structure and personal preference, you have a variety of eyebrow microblading shapes to choose from. Some popular shapes include:

  • Straight: This shape imparts a youthful appearance and is suitable for those with round or heart-shaped faces.
  • Soft arch: A soft arch provides subtle definition and lift to the brow and is compatible with most face shapes.
  • High arch: A high arch offers a dramatic and glamorous look, ideal for those with a strong bone structure and prominent features.
  • S-shaped: The S-shaped brow creates a natural, soft curve that complements oval and long face shapes.

In addition to eyebrow microblading shapes, your skin tone and hair colour should also be taken into account. Both are crucial when selecting the perfect shade for your eyebrows.

With an array of pigment colours available, we generally recommend a slightly darker colour than your hair. This ensures that your face is beautifully framed and your eyes truly stand out.

At Beauty, our skilled technicians collaborate with you to determine the optimal shape and shade for your eyebrows, ensuring you are content and comfortable with the agreed look before commencing the treatment. Explore the before and after microblading eyebrows transformations of our satisfied clients.

Preparation Phase:

Readying Yourself for Microblading Embarking on the journey of cosmetic tattooing, specifically microblading your brows, necessitates a period of preparation to secure an optimal result. Below are some commonly posed inquiries regarding the preliminaries of the procedure.

Is it necessary to shave off eyebrows before microblading?

Certainly not. It is not standard practice for a technician to shave or wax away your eyebrows before the session. Rather, they will neaten the brow area by removing stray hairs, avoiding complete shaving or waxing.

Is it permissible to undergo microblading of the eyebrows during pregnancy?

The general consensus advises against obtaining an eyebrow tattoo during pregnancy due to potential risks and an increased likelihood of sensitivity in this period.

Is microblading feasible whilst breastfeeding?

Given the potential hazards the pigment might present to your infant, it's wise to consult with a healthcare professional you trust beforehand.

Avoid consuming aspirin, vitamin E, or ibuprofen in the 24 hours leading up to your microblading appointment. We also recommend forgoing caffeinated drinks on the day of your session.

Post-Treatment Care: Essentials for Eyebrow Microblading Aftercare The excellence of your brow appearance not only hinges on the proficiency of your technician but also significantly on the efficacy of your aftercare practices, affecting the healing pace and longevity of the brows.

Guidelines for Aftercare of Microblading

Administer the provided aftercare balm for a week

Post-procedure, Beauty will supply you with a specific ointment for application on the brow area, which should be used over the following week.

Minimise sun exposure

For the initial 4 weeks post-procedure, wearing a hat and avoiding direct sunlight is imperative. Protecting yourself from the sun even after this period will help extend the vibrancy and longevity of your brows.

Maintain pillowcase hygiene

For the first 10 days, ensure you're changing your pillowcase daily and avoid sleeping in a position that puts your face directly on the pillow.

Keep your facial area dry

Limit your showers to a mere 5 minutes to reduce steam exposure, and ensure your face, especially the treated area, remains dry whilst washing the rest of your body.

What Not to Do

Avoid Removing Scabs

Expect scabbing around day 5 to 7 following the procedure; this is normal. It's crucial to let the scabs naturally exfoliate and fall off. Picking at them could result in scarring or loss of pigment. Do not pick, rub, or scratch the treated area.

Microblading Eyebrows

Refrain from Facial Treatments

For 4 weeks post-procedure, avoid chemical peels, microdermabrasion, botox, or facials.

Limit Physical Activity and Water Exposure

Keep away from intense, sweat-inducing exercise for 1 week and avoid swimming with your face submerged, as well as exposure to lakes and hot tubs.