Beauty requires investment: effort, time and money. With the help of everyone's favourite and popular permanent makeup, you can emphasise your advantages and hide acquired or congenital disabilities in the area of lips, eyelids and eyebrow tattoo Melbourne, making your appearance more expressive, forgetting about the need to buy and use decorative cosmetics for a long time. However, modern tattooing techniques are not cheap.

Eyebrow Tattoo Melbourne

What eyebrow procedures exist?

There are various methods for permanent eyebrow procedures, and their prices vary. So, you can choose among:

  • Microblading - the most popular hair stroke technique performed with a hand tool.
  • Nano-brow - eyebrows by the hair-brow method, done with a machine.
  • Microblading - adding shading to the eyebrows, powder eyebrow effect.
  • Powder eyebrows - a soft, powdery effect made with a machine.
  • Powder ombré eyebrows - same as powder eyebrows but with an ombré effect, with a lighter head and darker tail.
  • Combination eyebrows - a combination of microblading and extensions.
  • Combination eyebrows or microblading ombré - a combination of microblading and ombré eyebrows.
  • Signature pattern - some salons or academies have their eyebrow tattooing scheme.

What are the factors that impact the prices?

The price tag dances to the rhythm of the salon's exclusivity, the artist's popularity, and their exquisite expertise. It is common for experienced individuals or those with shorter tenure in the industry to be charged higher fees. For instance, some famous artists charge around $1,000 or more.

Another factor that impacts the cost of eyebrow tattooing is the location. Prices in big cities are higher than in small towns. Additionally, the pricing of eyebrow tattoo Melbourne services may be influenced by competition. When multiple artists are available in an area, they may adjust their prices competitively to differentiate themselves and attract a more extensive client base.

Artists typically determine their prices by considering their training location and the materials used. Certified permanent makeup artists who use high-quality materials may charge higher fees, which is understandable.

Is retouching included in the cost of the procedure?

Most modern eyebrow tattoo Melbourne procedures are typically completed in two sessions. After the initial pampering, your eyebrows embark on a magical healing journey that lasts up to 6 weeks, transforming into the perfect arches you've always dreamed of. Thus, a follow-up appointment is required after 6-8 weeks. Some artists include this in the price, while others do not.

These artists set their prices a little higher if they include retouching. If the correction is paid separately, it usually costs about 30% of the original procedure.

What about other uses?

As modern eyebrow tattoo Melbourne fade, colour boosting is required to prolong the effect. The frequency of colour retouching depends on how quickly the pigments fade, i.e. skin type and lifestyle.

How do you choose the best contractor based on price?

Firstly, price should not be the most critical factor in choosing a contractor. More important are their reviews and recommendations, the salon's cleanliness, experience, materials, etc.

Consider investing in high-quality eyebrow services, as they play a significant role in enhancing your facial features. Discover the eyebrow tattooing price range in your vicinity and avoid splurging or settling for anything less than perfect. Before getting any treatment, make sure to do your homework! Research the artist, stalk their online portfolio, and read reviews to ensure you're in safe hands.

What are you paying money for?

You probably have a reasonable question: "If the cost of the procedure is so low, why am I paying so much money?".

For your safety and your health. Prestigious studios ensure clients' safety: instruments are treated and disinfected, and only disposable consumables are used. For example, in our studio, the tools undergo three-stage processing, and all consumables are disposable and are disposed of immediately after use;

For your comfort. Keeping the office clean, modern and comfortable furniture, proper and sufficient lighting, hygiene products in the bathroom, tea/coffee and goodies - all this creates a comfortable environment for your pleasant stay in the studio;

For its beauty and flawless result. The experience and professionalism of the master should pay off, together with them. They will pay off your investment with the beautiful effect of tattooing, which will please you for several years.

High cost of permanent makeup: to save or not?

Melbourne Eyebrow Tattoo

We do not urge you to spend 250-1000 AUD  on permanent makeup. But we encourage you to apply to studios with a rational service price. Do not save on the master because your appearance, mood and self-confidence depend on it. Keeping on the procedure is the first step to further removal of tattooing or its refinement, leading to even higher costs. Therefore, contact professionals if you want to get a beautiful permanent makeup result.