Permanent eyeliner tattoo Melbourne is a procedure that can dramatically change your appearance. Sometimes, the result is unpredictable. This is because, in many salons, there areeurs with superficial knowledge and lack of experience. Especially dangerous are the various promotions that are periodically held in salons, inviting girls to tattoo.

Melbourne Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo


Undoubtedly, eye makeup improves the image, giving it seductiveness, expressiveness, and cheerfulness. Thanks to new techniques of permanent tattooing, it is possible to modify the look, make it brighter and even slightly rejuvenate the face.

However, not everything is so smooth; often, clients are dissatisfied with the result of a tattooed eyeliner. Poorly done work, a mistake in the choice of master, lousy material or temptingly low price for the job done. Subsequently, everything has to be corrected.

Top mistakes of permanent masters

1. One of the most common mistakes made by masters with insufficient experience is not working with a sketch.
Making a proper sketch before applying makeup is one of the priority tasks that a specialist will never forget. The client does not always clearly understand how he will look without a preliminary sketch.

At this stage, thinking about how to perform the procedure aesthetically to preserve the face's harmony and natural beauty is essential.

2. Another mistake associated with sketching is drawing from a template. I'm afraid that's wrong, as most women are not suited to a template version of lips and eyebrows. Therefore, choose masters on healed work, customer reviews, the salon reputation, videos, and photos should be standing, so you will understand the symmetry and the work's image and result.
In the work, you need individuality and exceptional attention to the uniqueness of each woman's face. Caution is essential in working with aged skin. All these nuances are taken into account by an experienced master.

3. Colouristics - one of the essential components of a successful permanent makeup procedure. The pigment is selected according to your appearance because it behaves ambiguously on different skin types.
An experienced master provides for this moment. The depth of the introduction also plays a significant role. It is known that the more profound the pigment is introduced, the faster it will change its shade.

4. An apparent defect in the work of the master is blurred pigment. This happens when working with eyelids, when the contour "floats" in several places, forming a shadow. This is due to the introduction and composition of the pigment itself being too deep. Such drips are well removed by laser after healing tattooing.

5. When the pigment enters the deeper layers of the skin, elastic and collagen fibres are injured. Then, scars are formed on the face where the dye was introduced.

Ways to correct permanent eyeliner makeup

As you have already understood from the first part of the article - it is quite possible to remove unsuccessful dermo pigmentation on the eyelids despite specific difficulties. Currently, there are two main modern and effective ways to remove poor quality dermo pigmentation on the eyes: laser method and remover.

The safest and most effective method is laser removal due to the simplicity of its application, the speed of the session and the absence of damage to the skin, unlike the remover, which experienced professionals on the eyelids try not to use. The latter removal method is suitable only in rare and exceptional cases when the laser beam can not destroy the "cocktail" of unknown dyes in the client's skin. But the good news is that modern lasers perfectly cope with their task, and situations where a combined removal method with remover is required, are scarce.

But another standard method of correcting eyeliner procedure is also worth mentioning - overlapping (correction): filling the failed area with pigment, as a rule, of a darker colour or using unique dyes - correctors.

Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Melbourne

In the first case, the paint is densely spread over the entire surface of the old dermopigmentation. Still, it is necessary to go beyond the previous contour, gradually reducing the saturation of colour and overlapping the ancient pigment. This method can correct only minor defects associated with asymmetry or premature colouring fading on the eyelids.

When correcting the colour of an unwanted shade, the master lightly and loosely introduces a special dye into the area of the old tattoo eyeliner, as in the usual procedure. As a result, the effect is noticeable almost immediately - the pigment in the skin changes its colour. However, the final result can be assessed only 30-45 days after the session after the skin has healed. If an unsuccessful eyeliner tattoo on the eyes is bright enough, it is necessary to conduct one or two laser brightening procedures and apply correctors two months later. Such a long period is due to the peculiarities of the impact of the laser beam on the paint particles in the upper layer of the dermis and their subsequent removal from the body by the lymphatic system.

The following undesirable shades can be successfully corrected with eye permanent with the help of correctors: violet, red and blue-grey.

Separately, the complications of permanent eyeliner tattoo Melbourne after a surgical eyelid lift are worth mentioning. Specifically, studies on this issue have not been conducted, but some masters noted that the arrow can spread after surgical intervention. Mainly, this happens in the corner of the eyes, on the upper and lower eyelids. It is impossible to correct such cases with correctors except for a complex and lengthy process of laser correction.

Choose a permanent makeup artist carefully and consciously. We hope you find "your" master and fully experience the charms of a professional semi-permanent eyeliner!
We hope our recommendations will help you avoid unpleasant surprises during the session. You can ask the master additional questions by signing up for a preliminary consultation.